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Kennett Square Public Works Department lauded for good work

06/04/2014 10:51AM ● By Acl

Members of the Kennett Square Public Works Department received commendations for their work. The members are John Vernon, Mark “Jake” Riggins, John Morris III, Michael Meredith, Troy Stevenson, and Eric Petrucci. Joseph Scalise, the Director of Public Works, and Steven Melton are not in the picture.

By Steven Hoffman

Staff Writer

Members of Kennett Square Borough’s Public Works Department received a commendation for all the hard work during the council meeting on June 2.

Council president Leon Spencer read a proclamation formally thanking the Public Works Department team. Spencer noted that a series of snowstorms hit the area during the winter, and the Public Works Department repeatedly rose to the challenges presented by the storms.

Spencer added that the Public Works Department provides invaluable services during the full schedule of events that are held in town.

In other business at the June 2 meeting, council considered a request for a waiver for the owner of a property at 650 Linden Circle, Robinhurst. The owner was seeking relief from the borough’s sidewalk ordinance.

Chester Diem of Regester Associates explained to council that the property is at the center of a circle in that neighborhood and the sidewalks would only benefit the residents of the four neighboring homes. The borough’s Planning Commission had previously approved this request.

Spencer noted that it wasn’t that long ago that council had received a similar request for a waiver from the sidewalk regulations because the property was located at a dead end.

“I’m challenged to understand how this is different from that,” Spencer said, adding that the borough should be consistent when it comes to the sidewalk regulations.

“We are in a town and part of the town make-up is sidewalks,” said council member Dan Maffei. 

Council member Geoff Bosley said that the borough might want to look into the possibility of requiring that sidewalks be installed and in good working order at the time a property changes hands.

When it was time to vote, council rejected the request for the waiver. by a 5-1 margin. Spencer, Bosley, Maffei, Patrick Taylor and Brett Irwin voted with the majority, while Lynn Sinclair voted to approve it.

Council approved a Special Event Application for the 3rd Thursdays promotions that are being planned by Historic Kennett Square and the downtown merchants. The goal of 3rd Thursdays is to increase traffic in the downtown district. Restaurants on State Street will be setting up tables for outside dining. There will also be live music, street performers, and other entertainment. The dates for 3rd Thursdays are June 19, July 17, and Aug. 21.

Borough Council will hold a public meeting on Monday, July 7 to consider an ordinance for the installation of stop signs on Magnolia Street at South Garfield Street.