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Honor, duty and sacrifice

06/04/2014 10:12AM ● By Acl

Over this past Memorial Day weekend, 144 three-foot by five-foot American flags were displayed near the Water Crest Farm Nursery sign that overlooks Route 1 in Jennersville. Despite a thunderstorm, 25 volunteers from the Rotary Club of West Grove-Avondale – who sponsored the display – placed the flags into the ground during the early evening of May 22. 

The “Flags for Heroes” display did something more than just serve as a colorful nod of recognition to the men and women who served in our nation's military. It quieted us in the moments we drove by and saw those flags unfurled and flapping in the wind. It made us think of grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers and finally, our children. It made us think, if only for a moment, what the ultimate test of honor, duty and sacrifice truly is. The Chester County Press wishes to thank the Rotary Club of West Grove-Avondale for this display, and we are honored to publish the names of those who sponsored American flags, as well as those who these flags are in honor of.  

Flag Donor In Honor Of

Angeline Baughman 

John A. Caligiuri WWII 

Art Werner 

Arthur Horace Werner WWII 

Becker Locksmith Services/Glen Becker 

Charles J. Becker 

Shotblast Inc/Jim Rupnicki 

Jason Dunham 

Marty Bramhall 

Hal Croxson 

Denise M. Kozel 

Frank Disney 

Raff Electric Inc. 

With Thanks to all Who have Served 

Dr. Bronwyn L. Martin 

Donald Lester

McConnell Bros., Inc. 

J. Robert Haugh 

Karl & Lynn Klingensmith 

Donald Galik, US Army Korea 


With Thanks to all Who have Served 

Peter Malchione 

Anthony V. Malchione 

Kim McClay 

Toni and Sam McClay 

Kim McClay 

Jenners Pond Residents 

Les Reinert 

Lester Reinert 

Les Reinert 

Leopold Varglien 

Denise A. Gendreau 

John A. McGowan 

Sandra Herbst 

Dennis Cook 

Sharon B. Nesbitt 

James C. Bryan WWII and Sister, Terry Lane 

Tom Brown 

Darren Gambill 

C. Davis 

Carl W. Rutter ARMY 33YR 3wars 

W. D. Wells 


Annette Miller 

Samuel Miller 

George Gower 

Irv Gower 

Larry Thompson 

Curtis A. Thompson 

Cetrulo & Morgan Group LLC. 

Heros Serving our Country & 1st Reponders 

Richard M. Chambers 

Richard Chambers 

R. Scott Steele 

My father, W. Frank Steele & Uncles & Aunts who served in WWII 

Mary Jo Gordon 

William DeMatteo 

Roger & Robin Nalepa 

Henry E. Wilkie 

Bob Vanella 

Anthony R. Vanella 

Carol Vanella 

Paul V. Seiple 

Bob & Carol Vanella 

Joe Taranto 

Linda Wilkinson 

James C. Bryan WWII and Sister, Terry Lane 

Maureen Knabb 

Alfred Knabb 

Maureen Knabb 

Thomas Bolger 

Maureen Knabb 

John Madava 

Beth E. Sears 

Darrell E. Sears 

Bonnie & Mike Korengel 

Dayre Walker 

Bonnie & Mike Korengel 

Leif Esperik 

Ed Satchell 

Kevin Price 

Dan Danese 

Kevin Price 

Frances Bryan 

James C. Bryan WWII and Sister, Terry Lane 

Morris Sacks and Sons 

William W. Patrick, US Navy Korea 

W. L. Gulick 

187th Regiment, 11th Airborne Div., WWII, Pacific Theatre 

Jenner's Pond Canasta Club 

Ryan Gregory Timoney, 1st Lieutenant 

Paul Tickle 

David S. Tickle 

Paul Tickle 

Robin Tickle 

Paul Tickle 

Samual Tickle 

Paul & Beth Tickle 

John K Ray WWII 

Paul & Beth Tickle 

Paul W Tickle Navy 

Ken & Ardeane Baker 

Richard Paul Woodward-killed in WWI (Age 17) 

Steven R. Flegal 

Danny Vannoy 

Richard M. Chambers              John E. Chambers, Sr. 

Tom O'Neill                              Harry Appenzellar 

Tom O'Neill                              Eugene T. O'Neill 

Tom O'Neill                              Walter Lightner 

Marian Fitzsimons                   Carroll R. Swanson 

Evelyn G. Waters                    Ernest "Wade" Paisley Sr 

Evelyn G. Waters                    Dennis Spencer, son-in-law 

Debra & Edmond M. Edwards, Jr. Ronald W. Edgington 

Debra & Edmond M. Edwards, Jr. David C. Moore 

JoAnne,Jack, Amanda & Josh Waber Frank F. Rizzo WWII 

Andrew W. Bodenstab          Harold P. Bodenstab 

Ken & Mary Lou Madron       Jamie Letts 

Yvonne K Bolla                     Gabriel R. Bolla 

Bob Stout                             John Lynch 

Howard & Catherine Buck   John Nuyianes 

Howard & Catherine Buck   Mike Benditt 

Howard & Catherine Buck   John Buck 

Howard & Catherine Buck   Nick Marsini 

David M. & Peggy Haradon Boyd Murphy 

Sandra Bunker                    In honor of your yrs. of service, Petty Ofc. Rachel Bunker Lawrence 

Monica Buffington               With Thanks to all Who have Served 

Monica Buffington               With Thanks to all Who have Served 

Tom Sarver                         Al Mattera 

Tom Sarver                        Bill Wingate 

Lynn Nathan Samik           With Thanks to all Who have Served 

Jennersville Hospital         Thanks to our physicians, nurses, staff and EMS providers for all that you do