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Kennett supervisors should get input before decision on Chandler Mill Bridge

05/07/2014 02:15PM ● By Acl

An open letter to the  Kennett Township Board of Supervisors:

I recommend you charge the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) with the resolution of the underlining financial funding sources and long-term consequences attached to the various Chandler Mill Bridge options proposed last Wednesday night.  At the same time, and perhaps even before the BAC is given this charge, you commission our township engineers to resolve issues that could eliminate options proposed due to floodplains, the possible raising of the bridge on historical status and the effect of the resulting road’s slope on the southwest connection with Buck Toe Road.  The Kennett Township Historic Committee would also serve us well in determining if the raising of the bridge affects its status on the National Historic Register.

It is my opinion that several of the proposed options will self-illuminate due to engineering and EPA issues beyond the control of the township.  This may avail an easier decision on your part having better facts to decide from.

I would also recommend that the Planning Commission be charged with the review and recommendations of all engineering plans submitted.  Even if there is more than one option, the planning commission would further the transparency and acceptable resolution of probably the largest non-open space decision the Board of Supervisors have made since the building of the township building over a decade ago. 

Our township is blessed with many active professional volunteers whose resources can be called upon at your discretion.  From a prudent perspective, I highly recommend you call upon these resources and allow them to help you in making such a consequential decision.  Your leadership would keep the volunteers committed to the time frames you propose for their recommendations.  I look forward to your action at your next meeting and hope it will be one based on what is best for the township in its entirety.  Whatever decision that may ultimately be.

Bob Listerman

Kennett Township

Volunteer on the Business Advisory Committee and the planning commission