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Longtime graffiti tagger is caught in Landenberg

05/07/2014 01:26PM ● By Acl

A young graffiti tagger has been charged in connection with vandalism in New Garden Township that goes back two years.

In a press release issued on May 1, New Garden Police Chief Gerald Simpson said that someone painting “VANE” or “MOVE” has struck repeatedly, hitting some buildings more than once.

“Since the summer of 2012, New Garden Township has experienced numerous acts of graffiti vandalism,” Simpson wrote. The graffiti has been seen “on community buildings, schools, homes, sheds, sewer treatment facilities, convenience stores, shopping centers and abandoned buildings.  Most of the graffiti incidents occurred in the southeastern part of New Garden Township, which is mostly residential.”

Over the past months, New Garden Police officers uncovered a suspect. Investigation resulted in a search warrant being obtained for a home in Somerset Lake in Landenberg.  On the afternoon of April 15, police officers executed the search warrant, finding  evidence linking the suspect, who is a juvenile, to the graffiti.       

Police are asking residents who have been victimized by graffiti vandalism involving the two tags to call Sergeant Cowdright at 610-268-2907, ext. 102.  Investigators anticipate numerous criminal charges being filed against the suspect.

Simpson listed what residents should do if they are victims of graffiti vandalism:

 Immediately contact the police. Officers create a written and visual report of damages, a photographic record of damages, and they can track whether or not graffiti is gang-related.

Remove the graffiti quickly to precent a reoccurrence. 

Keep a record of repair costs. If a suspect is later identified, these records will be used for restitution orders.

Report suspicious activity to the police immediately.

Visit the New Garden Township Police Department ( for updates.