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New KCSD contract is a model

04/30/2014 03:08PM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin

Listen up, school board members of Avon Grove, U-CF and Oxford school districts.

Quietly, and without malice, the KCSD and the Kennett Education Association, the PSA and NEA affiliated teachers union just signed a four-year contract for what amounts to a 1.3 percent retroactive annual salary increase.

The KEA has worked for nearly two years without a contract, without acrimony, unlike the teachers at U-CF, who vowed “to work only the contract” while negotiating.

It is a well-known fact that Uncle Irvin is not a happy camper with the status quo for public school teacher contracts without the elimination for tenure and the addition of merit pay. Obviously the KCSD did not achieve that milestone, but the two sides settled on a contract for what amounts to a little more than 1 percent annual increase for four years, retroactive until 2015-16.

Other local school boards now have a standard for upcoming contract negotiations.