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Rick's Steaks closing

04/16/2014 04:02PM ● By Acl

Rick's Steaks, one of the original tenants of the Market at Liberty Place, is closing as owner Rick Olivieri takes time off to undergo medical tests in an effort to address some symptoms he has been experiencing. 

When making the announcement of the closing, Geoff Bosley, the vice president of LGB Properties, said that the market and the merchants all wish Olivieri good health and happiness moving forward.

Olivieri and his wife, Debi, extended their own well-wishes to the market and the other merchants, and also thanked the employees for their hard work.

There are no plans to immediately replace Rick’s Steaks, Bosley said. There is space available for lease in the market, which is located on State Street. There are seven other full-time vendors at the marekt. For more information and a current listing of the weekend’s events, please visit or visit The Market’s Facebook page.