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Eradicating DUI

03/26/2014 02:31PM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin

According to police reports, 10 DUIs were recorded in southern Chester County from Feb. 14 to Feb. 23.

This statistic is mind boggling because it doesn't cover DUIs that were not caught by police. If 10 drivers were caught, it could indicate a multiplier of at least 20, indicating 200 drivers under the influence were driving around southern Chester County during that time. Take a look at what happens to those caught:

First offense: No jail and $300 fine, no license suspension;

Second offense: Five days to six months in jail, a $300 to $2,000 fine and one-year license suspension;

Third offense: Ten days to two years in jail, a $500 to $5,000 fine and one-year license suspension

You  have to wonder why our state legislators and senators haven't gotten serious about DUI. The present penalties obviously don't deter drivers from drinking. The minimum penalty for DUI conviction should be more like two years in jail, a $10,000 fine and a five-year license suspension.

The state should seek public service announcements from radio/TV stations and billboards to publicize DUI penalties. In addition, it would make sense to print these penalties on every driver's license issued. More must be done to deter this threat to every sober driver.

Between now and the 2014 election in November, legislators running for election should be asked where they stand on this, and whether or not they support stricter penalties.