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Give them the barn

02/26/2014 02:45PM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin

The Unionville Chadds Ford School Board is being asked to lease a barn on West Doe Run Road to the third Garage Youth Center in Southern Chester County. The barn is currently being used as storage for their transportation department.

The Garage Youth Centers have facilities in West Grove and Kennett Square and are partially funded by the United Way of Southern Chester County. They provide a needed hangout for students. The Garage is seeking a long-term, low-cost lease, and the district would bear no costs at all.

Even for the thickheaded school board, this is a “no brainer."

And as far as the cost of the lease is concerned, this school board should give the center a lease for $1 per year. To charge them more would be a “black eye” for the free-spending, tax-increasing school board.

County shelters are a blessing

Chester County government and the Red Cross recently provided two shelters for residents without power -- one in West Grove and one in West Chester. 

The West Grove shelter was closed due to low participation and locals were transported to the West Chester shelter on the campus of West Chester University. It is nice to know that these shelters were available to those in need.