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Houghton vs. Pitts?

02/06/2014 05:04PM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin

The race for the Pennsylvania 16th Congressional District for 2014 looks like a choice between two duds.

Former London Grove supervisor, State Representative, and lawyer Tom Houghton is not only an inadequate candidate, he has virtually no chance to win. Rep. Pitts is a back-bencher with nothing better to do than join up with the Tea Party and block any Congressional hope of compromise. However, Pitts has been re-elected to Congress in the past seven elections by no less than 55 percent of the vote.

The 16th District is made up of western Chester County, eastern Lancaster County and a sliver of Berks County, including the city of Reading. It is high on the list of the most gerrymandered Congressional districts, based on the 2010 census. The last time a Democrat won this district was in 1943.

In announcing his candidacy, Houghton went to a small farm in the most western part of Lancaster County in the 16th district. Houghton is attempting to pawn himself off as an advocate of agriculture. However, when Houghton was a London Grove supervisor, he constantly harassed the mushroom industry, which is part of agriculture the last time I checked!

There are only two ways to beat Pitts: In the primary, with a moderate who is well educated and can raise money; or in the general election, with a well-known and well-respected moderate Democrat, preferably from Lancaster County.

Tom Houghton is neither, so it's a lost cause.