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The wrong guy quit

01/21/2014 03:03PM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin

Chester County shares three members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Two of these are worthy of re-election, Jim Gerlach and Pat Meehan. They are both moderates and did not vote to shut down the government. Unfortunately, Rep. Gerlach had his stomach full of rank partisanship and will not run for re-election.

Chester County's third representative is Joe Pitts. Pitts has spent close to 50 years at the public trough, first as a member of the State House for 21 years and a member of Congress for 27 years.

Pitts' legislative career has dwelt on one issue: Making abortion illegal and defunding planned parenthood. Which sums up his Neanderthal position on women’s rights. No female in her right mind should support Joe Pitts, ever!

Many voters in his district -- which includes western Chester County and eastern Lancaster County -- are very conservative, Tea Party types. But surely there is a majority of voters who want a younger moderate.

Uncle Irvin would like these voters to stand up and retire Joe Pitts to his hundreds of thousands of dollars of state and federal pension benefits – either in the 2014 primary or the general election.