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Dumb and dangerous

01/07/2014 07:29PM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin

Uncle Irvin went to the Bayard Taylor Library on Dec. 12, two days after a snowfall. I parallel parked in front of the library, got out of my car and instantly noticed that the curb area was snow- and ice-covered, while the sidewalks were clear.

This unsafe situation has been going on for years in Kennett, which shows you how out of touch Borough Council is. What sense does it make to pass an ordinance requiring property owners to clear the sidewalks while a driver who has parallel parked on the street has to navigate the snow and ice covered area from the curb to the sidewalk?

This area is the responsibility of the borough, not the property owners, and it's a minefield ready to explode.

Uncle Irvin, like many who have handicapped parking, should not have to put up with this. Council should correct this flaw ASAP, before they get sued. 


Right wing think tank is right on

Uncle Irvin received a mailing from the Commonwealth Foundation, a think tank with conservative leanings. This mailing was to inform Pennsylvania citizens that they are being screwed by government unions, including the school teachers union, PSEA. The mailing resonated a theme that Uncle Irvin has been complaining about for years: Government union employees who are paid with public tax dollars are forced to have money taken from their paychecks by the unions, which use the funds to lobby for more taxpayer money.

Teachers' union dues were used to pay for mailings endorsing the re-election of President Barack Obama, lobbying and advocating for Obamacare, opposing liquor privatization, and blocking needed pension reform.

It's not fair to force taxpayers to pay for politics and lobbying when no other organization gets that privilege. If only the Pennsylvania Legislature had the courage!