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Rotten to the core

11/06/2013 05:47PM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin


Uncle Irvin has written extensively, but sadly to no avail, on the incipient state of decay of East Nottingham Township.

It seems that the voters elect only morons or power-hungry egocentrics, year after year. The township is now being run by a pistol-packing idiot, John Coldiron, and a big-mouthed Jane Ladley. A few years ago, East Nottingham Township was being plundered by out-of-control supervisor Sam Goodley and his cronies.

East Nottingham has a reform organization called East Nottingham Township Citizens for Open and Honest Government, which has a website, newsletter and blog. This group seems to have some of the same leadership as the group that sent Sam Goodley packing.

Despite their activity, East Nottingham citizens keep electing rotten candidates who turn into rotten supervisors.

It appears that the average IQ of East Nottingham voters is very low indeed, and immune to change.