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Supervisor endorses Leff

10/31/2013 01:12PM ● By Acl

To the Editor:

Who do I endorse for Supervisor of Kennett Township? I've known and worked with both Richard Leff and Jim Przywitowski for several years. I have been asked by various residents whether I will endorse either for election on November 5th as Supervisor of Kennett Township. It is now time to publicly declare my choice: I support Richard Leff.

Here's my main reason why. Since becoming involved in township affairs I've been amazed to discover that the significant business of the Township is actually managed by a small shadow group of volunteers that have been around for decades. They all currently serve at the pleasure of the Board majority of Mr. Elling and Mr. Hammaker, and their recommendations are routinely adopted by that majority as township policy.

Jim Przywitowski is a key member of this group, which also includes Tom Nale, John Haedrick, and Bob Listerman.  Specifically, Haedrick, Listerman and Przywitowski dominate the Planning Commission (PC), while Przywitowski and Nale are the only members the Land Conservation Advisory Committee (LCAC).

How close to each other are these members of Mr. Elling's "shadow government?"  Currently:

Tom Nale is treasurer of both Falcoff's and Przywitowski's campaigns; John Haedrick is Przywitowski's campaign chairman; and Bob Listerman was Falcoff's campaign chairman during my election.

Mr. Przywitowski has declared that he is an 'independent' and 'his own man,' but the facts beg to differ.  In fact, there is no example of his ever taking a clear, public stand in opposition to even the worst decisions of Elling or Hammaker. In consideration for those many years of quiet support, Elling, Hammacker and the members of their shadow government are now out knocking on doors to campaign for Jim Przywitowski, and contributing to his election war chest.

For this reason, I cannot support Jim Przywitowski.  I believe that a vote for him will end up being a vote for the status quo, and a continuation of the Elling "business as usual" reality that has been dragging down the effectiveness and reputation of Kennett Township for years.

On the other hand, I feel quite comfortable supporting Richard Leff. He is an effective leader, a proven manager and an accomplished small business operator. He is committed to looking at the problems confronting the Township and considering all the possible solutions.  He brings dedication to careful, prudent, balanced and fiscally sound government, something that Kennett Township desperately needs. And, most importantly, he will not be a rubber stamp to anyone's opinion or view. 

In short, Richard Leff's election would be a welcome change for Kennett Township, and that's why I am voting for him on November 5th.

Scudder G. Stevens, Supervisor

Kennett Township