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Leff has the experience, integrity, and skills to serve Kennett Twp.

10/29/2013 08:39PM ● By Acl

Letter to the Editor:

Nine months ago my friend and neighbor, Richard Leff, told me he was going to run for Kennett Township supervisor and asked me to work on this campaign. Since I share Richard’s deep concern about how Kennett Township is being governed and I have a great deal of respect for his intelligence and integrity, I was thrilled and gave him my full support.  Over the past nine months, that enthusiasm has been transformed into absolute confidence that Leff has the experience, integrity and skills needed to make his vision of civil, transparent and effective government in Kennett Township a reality.  He has worked tirelessly to build a great campaign, knocking on more than a 1,000 doors, listening to the issues that residents have raised and formulating positions on those issues after methodically researching and analyzing those concerns.  Each of his positions reflects a commitment to gathering accurate information, an incisive analysis of that information and the ability to translate his analysis into a coherent policy and clear course of action.

Richard’s effective, proactive approach contrasts sharply with the campaign I have seen run by his opponent, Jim Pryzwitowski. Pryzwitowski’s only argument for election is that he has been a part of the existing power structure in Kennett Township for twenty years. It is apparent that over that time, their approach to issues has become deeply ingrained in Pryzwitowski’s thinking. Exhibit A for this conclusion is his promise to repeal the township’s real property tax on “day one.”  Apparently this is his solution to the $9 million surplus of funds accumulated by the township. This “solution” ignores a number of critical facts.  First, everyone agrees the Earned Income Tax, and not the real property tax, is the source of all of the surplus funds. It is unclear why he is targeting the real property tax when it does not appear to be the source of the problem. More importantly, as both candidates readily acknowledge, no one knows if the township really has a surplus. Without the comprehensive review of the township’s current budget and future capital needs suggested by Leff, it is impossible to know if the township will need some or all of these funds to meet future obligations. It is simply irresponsible to recommend changes to the township’s tax structure without understanding those future needs or how any changes to current taxes will impact the township’s finances. Kennett Township and its residents cannot afford another six years of this type of government. Fortunately, we don’t have too. Please join me in voting for Leff on Nov. 5.  For more information about his experience and approach to the issues, please visit


Mary Kay Gaver

Kennett Township