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Vote on Nov. 5

10/29/2013 08:33PM ● By Acl

We encourage all registered voters to exercise one of the most important rights that they have by voting for their preferred candidates in next Tuesday’s election.

You won’t have to wait in a long line. Only a small percentage of registered voters typically vote during off-year elections.

Municipal and school board elections are important, and locally elected officials make many important decisions that affect our lives every day. Borough council members make budgetary decisions and can support policies that promote economic development. They make choices that impact everything from public safety to local support for public libraries. Supervisors make land-development decisions and handle a wide array of issues for their constituents. School board members make decisions on budgets that are in excess of $50 million annually. They hire superintendents and other key administrators and handle concerns that are raised about the schools.

The time to make sure that the right people are elected is now. Read about the candidates in the newspaper. Look up candidates’ profiles on Visit candidates’ websites to learn their views on issues. Then, on Tuesday, take a few minutes and vote.