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Avon Grove School Board incumbent writes about his priorities

10/29/2013 08:32PM ● By Acl

Letter to the Editor:

Residents of the Avon Grove School District have a unique opportunity to put in place a dedicated school board to work with teachers, administrators and parents over the next two years to help Avon Grove continue to shine as a beacon of success.  As with any election, special interest groups spread misinformation to the public about the goals of opposing candidates.  To help residents make the best decision possible, I would like to take the time to demystify my platform and make my hopes for the district transparent and accessible.

One area I would like to see strengthened is our academic curriculum.  The district administrators and teachers work hard to provide motivating and rigorous programs to all our students. To accelerate the academic learning opportunities of our students, I would like to see our program improved and broadened. Celebrating strong academic achievement should be valued and held in high regard in our district.  In addition, I would stand behind full-day kindergarten for all students, as long as evidence can be provided that these programs are academically and developmentally appropriate.

Another area of concern for me is student safety on the school buses.  From the time students board one of our school buses to the moment they step back off at the end of the day, students should feel safe and secure. The activity of children on these buses needs to be monitored, concerns need to be addressed, and transparency needs to pervade the whole process. 

A third area for improvement is the need for a building plan to eliminate the temporary-permanent classrooms. Devising a timeline and strategic plan to move beyond temporary classrooms is of importance to me.  All students and teachers need an inviting and comfortable classroom to call home for the year.

Let me close by reminding Avon Grove that the time to vote for your school board representatives is now. You have a unique opportunity to establish a board with no ties to school district employees, and, hence, eliminate situations where loyalty to family members or school district staff could inadvertently impact school board decisions.  Read our platforms, come to meet the candidates anywhere you would like and then come out to vote on Nov. 5 to assure that the elected board represents you and your most important values.


Bruce E Dobsch