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Elling's legacy

10/23/2013 03:42PM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin


By the end of the year, Kennett supervisor chairman and resident czar, Michael Elling, will be playing bridge with his longtime sidekick, Alan Falcoff. These two despots, along with lackey Robert Hammaker, will have guided Kennett Township fortunes, or failures, for the last ten years.

These are the supervisors who disbanded the Kennett Land Trust, accumulated a $10 million surplus by overtaxing residents, failed to have the books properly audited by a CPA, allowed employees illegal use of the township credit card for personal purchases, and -- best of all –hired someone who admitted to having a blackout while driving a township police vehicle as Kennett Township's first police chief.

Elling's public service career was allowed to happen because of an electorate which couldn't care less and never vetted those who ran for supervisor until 2010, when some people in the township woke up and elected reformer Scudder Stevens. Let this be a lesson for voters to get involved with their local government, so they don't create another dud.

That means carefully vetting the two candidates for supervisor to make sure that reformer Scudder Stevens has a majority.