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Lyons is the true fiscal conservative in Avon Grove

10/23/2013 01:33PM ● By Acl

Letter to the Editor:

I believe the true fiscal conservative in the race for Avon Grove School Board's Region III seat is Pattie Lyons.

During the most challenging economy in 75 years, with Tom Corbett and Harrisburg politicians slashing state education funding by over one billion dollars, Pattie Lyons has helped maintain a strong education system at a cost taxpayers can afford. During her service, Avon Grove went seven straight years without a tax increase. Ask yourself, when is the last time any provider—public or private—went seven years without increasing taxes or rates? When is the last time federal, state, or county government, a utility company, or your cable, telephone, or Internet provider held the line without reducing services?

Lyons’ opponent states that he is a fiscal conservative, but I’m voting for Lyons on Nov. 5. She’s the incumbent candidate who has made educational and fiscally responsible decisions time and again. I can count on her.


Gini Brosius

Avon Grove