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Big mouth, no brains

10/04/2013 05:15PM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin


Ever since the days of supervisor Sam Goodley, who disgraced himself with conflicts of interest, East Nottingham Township residents can't elect competent supervisors. A case in point is supervisor Jane Ladley, who is being sued by an attorney for a resident of the disastrous development of Wyndham Creek.

Ladley smeared the attorney by publicly making inaccurate statements about the attorney's 2005 encounter with the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board. The qualifications of attorneys are at the sole discretion of the clients who retain them. To publicly comment on one attorney's qualifications is not the role of a public official.

Ladley's fellow supervisors have no obligation to provide her legal defense, via the township liability insurance policy, for blurting out a slanderous statement. The residents of East Nottingham have a lot of work to do in sweeping out supervisors like Jane Ladley and electing a Board of Supervisors which is qualified, unbiased, and competent. Apparently, township residents can't seem to accomplish that.