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Group in East Nottingham calls for supervisor Ladley to resign

09/25/2013 05:26PM ● By Acl

Letter to the Editor:

This letter is being written to you on behalf of ENTCOHG and its members. At this time, we are asking for your immediate resignation both as an East Nottingham Supervisor and as the Area 19 committee person. This request is being made as a result of your actions at the meeting on Aug. 13. It has been confirmed, after reviewing the video of this meeting, that you and the board again violated the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act when you made the motion and voted for the feasibility study on Wyndham Creek.

Your public attack and disclosure of personal financial and bankruptcy information of a resident of Wyndham Creek and your disclosure of his attorney’s disciplinary record clearly shows you have no respect for the taxpayers and voters of East Nottingham Township. Several of the Wydham Creek residents felt personally intimidated by your actions, especially with John P. Coldiron sitting by your side openly displaying a gun. Your unethical and unprofessional conduct as a politician is a disgraceful reflection on the Republican Party and Tea Party movement/ CAF organization.  

We have been informed that you are personally being sued for slander by the attorney that you referenced at the Aug. 13 meeting. It is also our understanding that you are now asking for the taxpayers of East Nottingham Township to pay for your defense in this court action. Your political arrogance will no longer be tolerated and your resignation is requested immediately.

Rick Orner

member of the East Nottingham Township Citizens for Open and Honest Government