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Common Core – Government Versus Parents, Children, and Teachers

09/25/2013 04:29PM ● By Acl

The federal government, under the control and direction of Barack Obama, has already come for your right to free speech and your freedom of religion. They have co-opted the press whereby the vast majority of news outlets do not report the news or challenge the government’s actions and, when they do, the Obama administration attacks those very few news organizations which have the audacity to question this government. The government is also attempting to abridge your right to peacefully assemble. You may still petition the government for a redress of your grievances but your government officials hardly ever listen to or act upon their constituents’ concerns.

 All of the issues in the preceding paragraph are duly granted to all Americans by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and this administration is attacking these rights each and every day.


They are also coming for your means of protection of your Life, Liberty, and Property by working to abolish your 2nd Amendment right “.. to keep and bear Arms...”


All of these attacks upon our liberty are apparently not enough for this administration. Now, they are coming for your children by way of misrepresentations, indoctrination, and “data mining” of your child’s thoughts, ideas, medical and family information so that the Federal Government can control everything associated with the education and the raising of your children and your children’s education development and career planning.


Under federal programs, no longer will parents and teachers have any meaningful say in the education and welfare of children. The Federal Government, under the auspices and full implementation of federal programs, “Common Core” and “Race to the Top”, will be controlling and monitoring every aspect of your children’s lives.


A national data mining and collection system called the State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) will be used to determine a child’s educational opportunities instead of the natural rights which parents and children have in determining the child’s educational goals and their futures. The SLDS will track your child from Kindergarten to adulthood and continually collect data on the children, their parents, other family members and their friends.  Also, with the active involvement and partnerships of major technological corporations like Microsoft and Google, there will also be monitoring devices attached to your child and placed in the classrooms to monitor your child’s reactions to the teachings of these nefarious programs. 


Once the federal Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are fully implemented, the Obama Administration and their bureaucrats in Washington will have complete educational control of testing and child assessment tools and will determine which textbooks will be allowed to be used in teaching the core subjects.


There are so many more reckless, dangerous, and liberty-destructing aspects of these programs so I urge you to educate yourselves as to what is happening to you and your children, in the form of the Common Core State Standards, which the federal government is shoving down the throats of the States.


Fight back !  Contact your State Representatives, State Senators, and your Governors and tell to stop these programs before they ruin yours and your children’s lives.


I’ll close with two questions and the quote below.


1) Why would any parent want their child to be just “Common” - just like everyone else? and;


2) Who do you want to raise and control the education of your child - You, the parents in conjunction with good, honest, qualified, and principled teachers or some unknown and unseen federal bureaucrat in Washington D.C. who does not know your child nor cares about their welfare?


  "A Government BIG enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have"

- Thomas Jefferson




Jerry La Mastra 

London Grove Township