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Chester County Press

Pitts always votes the straight Republican line

08/27/2013 07:22PM ● By Acl

Letter to the Editor:

I would strongly support the statement made by Marice Bezdek in her letter to the editor in your edition of August 21 edition of the Chester County Press, when she asks:

"Is Congressman Pitts going to help his constituents or get in the way?"

I would say that he has been getting in the way for many—far too many—years. As I have stated in several earlier letters to the editor,  Pitts has been and still is incapable of always  supporting his constituents. He constantly votes the straight Republican line even when he must know that his vote would not be in the best interests of those who put him in office.

Pitts, in his letters, has a record of disguising the truth regarding the approval or disapproval of a public policy, as Marice pointed out. Pitts is great at clouding the truth in his letters when, as an example, to support his voting record he cites 49 percent disapproval of a policy.  He doesn't want to show that his vote was counter to the public interest with a 51 percent approval.

I believe his constituents should take the time, as I have done, to review the Congressional Record on how members of Congress vote on the various issues. With such a review, they will find that Pitts has consistently and constantly voted the straight Republican line—almost as if he waited to be told by the Republican leadership how he is to vote.


Howard B. Briley

KHS Class of 1939