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Worst state roads in southern Chester County

08/21/2013 09:08AM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin


What can we do to wake up the General Assembly -- specifically, Representatives John Lawrence, Chris Ross and State Senator Dominic Pileggi? Southern Chester County's roads and bridges need upgrades right now.

Worst intersections:

Route 41 and Newark Road

Baltimore Pike and Newark Road

Baltimore Pike and Route 796

Unionville Road and Cedarcroft

Route 41 and Baltimore Pike

Worst roads:

Route 41

Newark Road from Route 1 Bypass to Delaware Line

Worst bridges:

Cypress Street at Race


In spite of a big increase in population in the region, these intersections, roads, and bridges, and many others not mentioned, have seen no improvements in years. PennDOT says it has no money and the General Assembly (not Governor Corbett) refuses to pass legislation to increase gasoline/diesel prices that would get the ball rolling.

This gridlock is senseless because virtually everyone agrees PennDOT needs more money to do its job of road improvement. Maybe we need to clean house next year when Representatives John Lawrence and Chris Ross will run for re-election.