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Regarding the London Grove Township and Van Sickle litigation matter

08/20/2013 05:13PM ● By Acl

Letter to the Editor:

I recently read the Aug. 8, 2013 “Uncle Irvin” column which contained inaccuracies concerning the London Grove litigation. As this firm represented the Van Sickle's and KTEE & TTEE, Inc., their management company, I can state that all litigation has ended favorably for Mr. and Mrs. Van Sickle.

As you may or may not recall, London Grove Township sued Mr. and Mrs. Van Sickle as well as KTEE & TTEE, Inc., their management company. In that matter, London Grove Township and its insurance carrier paid $20,000 to the Van Sickles to settle the case. Chester County Press published an article about this suit in July of 2012.

The Van Sickle versus London Grove Township suit, seeking recovery of personal property, was settled with the township returning, at its cost, personal property to the Van Sickle home and paying the Van Sickles $21,000.

You may want to ask the township for copies of the settlement agreements.


Joseph J. Dougherty

Lyons Dougherty, LLC attorneys at law