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Environmentalists, where are you?

08/20/2013 04:48PM ● By Acl

Letter to the Editor:

Isn't it surprising that "environmentalists" aren't jumping up and down after reading about this same issue -- and a potential threat to the White Clay Creek -- several times over the last few years? 

Tom and Mary O'Conner's April 3 letter to the editor made it clear that even if there's no current pollution from Landenberg LLC's septic situation (how do we know?), there is still serious threat for contamination of the White Clay Creek from sewage overflows.

Why is no one speaking out, standing with the O'Connors over their concerns about the White Clay and doing the right thing? Where are those environmental groups with mission statements saying that they want clean water and will protect the White Clay Creek?

Organizations such as White Clay Watershed Association, Wild and Scenic White Clay Creek Program, Friends of the White Clay Creek State Park, Chester County Water Resource Agency, the University of Delaware Water Resource Agency, Stroud Water Research Center, Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers, Natural Lands Trust, River Network, American Rivers, The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County, and the Brandywine Conservancy. Check their websites. They all mention concern for clean water and natural resources, and most refer specifically to the White Clay Creek.

Thousands of dollars were donated by individuals and businesses to support organizations with such mission statements.  And  thousands of taxpayer dollars have been given to these organizations via grants. Taxpayer dollars also go to New Garden Township to help protect quality of water. New Garden Township's own website says: "A failing septic system is considered an illicit discharge and is subject to federal, state and local laws.  A failing system can pollute local creeks and streams and is a serious health hazard."  What is New Garden Township doing to protect this natural resource from septic system  issues with Landenberg Village LLC.?

Strange, isn't it?  Is there a reason all these environmental groups and landowners adjacent to the property and creek are remaining silent? Is there a bigger agenda, perhaps?


Jane Brown

Concerned citizen