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London Grove and Inniscrone Golf Course

08/07/2013 11:53AM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin


Years ago, Uncle Irvin railed against the township's purchase of the Inniscrone Golf Course and liquor license for $900,000.

Uncle Irvin also railed against the township borrowing another $300,000 to entice a for-profit management company to run the course. Uncle Irvin thought the management company should come up with all or part of the $300,000 to have skin in the game.

The decision to buy the course and to hire the first management company was not made by the present Board of Supervisors, nor by the present chairman David Connors. Connors was instrumental in terminating the contract of the first management company, the conclusion of which is in litigation.

Connors and the new board then selected another management company with experience in running golf courses and that has management contracts with other courses.

The new operator has made prompt payments of the management fee, which pays the interest on the loan.

The course lost $38,000 in 2012, but is up $42,000 for the first six months in 2013.

Uncle Irvin still believes the purchase and running of the gold course is not in the best interest of London Grove taxpayers, but credit must be given to Connors and the present Board of Supervisors in their stewardship of a problem they had no part of.

The golf course was originally set up as an incentive to purchase homes in the Inniscrone development and provide land for spray irrigation of the development sewer system.

Perhaps with the continuing improvement of real estate values, the supervisors will be able to sell the course and at least break even on this enterprise, and then get back to running the township.