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Deadbeats, legislators and school board members

07/31/2013 11:27AM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin


As a preface to my annual list of property tax deadbeats, I want to note there are other causes of massive yearly property tax increases, principally from public schools.

Deadbeats cause school boards to increase millage around 10 percent to offset tax delinquents. State legislators do nothing to provide other sources of tax revenues and refuse to change the archaic law that actually encourages property owners to not pay their taxes.

School boards raise taxes every year and do not want to get involved with tough budgeting, telling teachers to go pound sand or refusing to vote for tax increases.



1. $98,200 -- Gail Ferver, Londonderry

2. $62,500 -- Fred and Lisa Scannapieco, Penn

3. $27,500 -- Stephen and Karen Sassi, Pocopson

4. $24,900 -- Marys Ice Cream Place LLP, East Marlborough

5. $24,000+ (three parcels) -- George & Kathleen Harlan, Kennett

6. $19,100 -- James and Beth Subach, Weat Nottingham

7. $18,900 -- Richard and Jo-anne Staehs, New Garden

8. $17,500 -- Patrick and Gale Fitzpatrick, Birmingham

9. $16,500 -- Ramon and Eileen Miranda, Penn

10. $15,100 -- Donald and Susan Ciccarone, London Britain


As you get ready to pay your school tax bill, you might want to look at your friends and neighbors who are causing your tax bill to rise. A complete list is in this week's Chester County Press.