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Kennett Flash about to become an independent non-profit

07/03/2013 03:11PM ● By Acl

By Steven Hoffman

Staff Writer

Mary Hutchins, the executive director of Historic Kennett Square, informed Kennett Square Borough Council on Monday night that the process is underway for the Kennett Flash to transition into its own non-profit organization.

The live music and entertainment venue debuted in 2009 under the oversight of Historic Kennett Square’s small staff.

Dennis Melton, a driving force behind the Kennett Flash when it got its start, and Matt Grieco, the past president of Historic Kennett Square’s board of directors, are collaborating on the effort to set up the Kennett Flash as a non-profit organization.

It was always the goal for Historic Kennett Square to get the Kennett Flash started and then have it stand on its own, Hutchins noted, explaining that the music venue needs a group to work full-time to make it financially viable. Historic Kennett Square's primary focus is on economic development in town, and the organization plans numerous events in town throughout the year.

“It was a project that touched my heart and I want to see it succeed,” said Hutchins. “It’s a big part of what makes Kennett Square cool. We’re here to support it in any way that we can.”

There will be a limited schedule of events over the summer and the Kennett Flash could debut as its own entity in the fall. Hutchins said that the transition is expected to be a smooth one, and the attendees of the events at the Kennett Flash may not even be able to tell the difference after the management change.

Behind the scenes, however, the Kennett Flash could benefit substantially by having a group dedicated exclusively to making the venue a success. Hutchins said that there may even be additional funding opportunities specifically for arts and culture organizations that the Kennett Flash may be eligible for.

In other business:

~ Hutchins also said that Historic Kennett Square’s Economic Development Committee is considering undertaking a market study. They completed an economic development plan about five or six years ago that focused on the central business district. The new market study will look at the other commercial areas in town. Part of the study, according to Hutchins, will be to identify businesses that might be complementary to existing shops, as well as an evaluation of what kinds of businesses the town is lacking.

~ Bill Smith was appointed to the Civil Service Commission. Smith has lived on Meredith Street in Kennett Square for the last 42 years.