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Boyd's lawyer: Column was mean-spirited

06/26/2013 05:30PM ● By Acl

Letter to Uncle Irvin:

On behalf of Chauncey Boyd, I am taking up your offer to publish these comments. In essence, your article, in a mean-spirited fashion, pointed out the foreclosure action  against Mr. Boyd's house in the context of belatedly criticizing him when he served as the school board president. Mr. Boyd has not served on the school board for three years.

I find the article mean-spirited and in the worst tradition of journalism. I don't see responsible journalists gloating over someone's personal finances. Irresponsible journalism is clearly seen by calling someone a homeless tyrant or a bully.

Further, what you forgot to tell the public was the many wonderful things Mr. Boyd did as school board president, including the building of three new schools, which are currently serving the area well. His vision really benefited everyone in the Oxford area.

Further, your article is demeaning by suggesting a man who runs his own business and is a high school graduate with some college is not capable of running a school board. That elitist attitude demeans the hundreds of school board and borough council members throughout Chester County who have similar backgrounds.

Therefore, I close by suggesting that people who have given their time and effort to public service should not be highlighted years later in such a derogatory fashion. I see no benefit and I see totally irresponsible journalism colored with a mean streak.


Samuel C. Stretton

Attorney at Law for Chauncey Boyd