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A justified tax increase

06/19/2013 02:01PM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin

The transportation bills winding their way through the Pennsylvania General Assembly will necessitate a tax increase on the price of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Uncle Irvin hardly ever supports any tax increase, but wholeheartedly supports this one. Why?

If you drive a car, you have to wonder about the safety of our bridges. Already two states, Minnesota and Washington, have had serious bridge accidents due to crumbling infrastructure or bad design. We even have a bad bridge right here in southern Chester County - the Cypress Street bridge in Kennett Square, which is the responsibility of PennDOT.

State Representatives Ross and Lawrence, and State Senator Pileggi, all know that Pennsylvania needs more money to repair our bridges and roads, and they should be excused for voting for a tax increase in this instance.