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Kennett Twp. supervisor should acknowledge the positive aspects of the township's governance

06/06/2013 04:51PM ● By Acl

Letter to the Editor:

Kennett Township supervisor Scudder Stevens used the May 20 Board of Supervisors meeting to update those in attendance on what he learned from his appeal under the Right-to-Know Laws concerning township records. 

Stevens filed the appeal in the run up to the November 2011 election as a campaign ploy to reveal what he claimed was gross mismanagement and illegal activities by the Board of Supervisors and staff.  I had expressed my concern with the continuing action when I learned that the legal fees had cost the township taxpayers $37,000 and the amount would continue to rise with the follow-up work required by township staff to satisfy Stevens’ request for information per a recent court settlement. Despite his alleged concern for transparency, Stevens took umbrage with my questioning of the continuing engagement, so much so that he incorrectly and with malice associated my family with an individual of the same last name who was involved with the township in a land purchase over a decade ago. 

Unfortunately, like so many claims that Stevens makes, there is no family connection whatsoever. Stevens has gotten his facts scrambled…again. Just like his continued and relentless misguided claims of improper and illegal activities by the township.  Under Republican stewardship, the township has accumulated a $9 million surplus, reaffirmed clean financial audits for the last three years, developed an enviable open space network and has some of the best staff and volunteers in southern Chester County.  It’s time to acknowledge the many positive aspects of Kennett Township governance instead of constantly focusing on perceived and imagined improprieties.


Chris Burkett

Kennett Township