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KMC trampoline team flies high at regionals

05/22/2013 02:07AM ● By Brian O

The KMC trampoline team performed well at the region 6 trampoline and tumbling regional competition. Benjamin Peragine, Logan Walchuk, Mateo Reihman, Max Boddorff, and Samantha Sullivan took home first place medals. More than 530 competitors, from Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia and the District of Columbia participated in regionals, May 18-19, in Martinsburg, WV.  

Max Boddorff, Jane Carron, Matthew Wileyto, Melissa Fitzgibbon, Jacob Sneider, Mateo Reihman, Cullan Darhower, Isaac Hannah, Logan Walchuk, Juliette and Giselle Bianco all qualified for nationals and will travel to Kansas City, Missouri for the competition July 3-10.

Here’s a look at the results:

Max Boddorff won first place on level 9 double mini trampoline and fourth place on level 10 trampoline for boys 17-and-over.   Jane Caron came in third on level 10 trampoline and took home fifth on double mini trampoline level 9 for girls, 17-and-over. 

On level 8 trampoline, Matthew Wileyto received third place and Ilan DiFilippo took home fourth place for boys 15-and-16. For double mini trampoline, Ilan won third and Matthew was fourth place; Melissa Fitzgibbon won third place in level 8 for trampoline. 

Melissa received fifth place and Genevieve Edelson won fourth place on double mini trampoline in level 7 for girls 13 and 14 years old, respectively.  Samantha Sullivan earned first place on level 7 trampoline and eighth on double mini trampoline for girls 13 years old.

For level 6, boys 13-and-14, Jacob Sneider and Benjamin Peragine tied for third place on trampoline. Jacob placed fourth on double mini trampoline. Mateo Reihman won first place and Logan Walchuk was eighth on double mini trampoline for boys 9-and-10.

In level 5, Logan won first place, Mateo took second and Cullan Darhower was sixth on trampoline. On double mini trampoline, Cullan Darhower was fourth. For boys 11-and-12, Isaac Hannah placed third on trampoline and double mini trampoline.  Benjamin Peragine won first on double mini trampoline for boys 13-and-14.

Also in level 5, Giselle Bianco placed tenth on trampoline and placed eighth on double mini trampoline for girls ten years old. On trampoline, Julia Haenn and Juliette Bianco won fourth place for 11 and 12 year old girls, respectively.  For double mini trampoline, Juliette took home second place and Julia received tenth place.  

KMC Gymnastics is located at 912 W. Cypress St. in Kennett Square. The gym is run and owned by Karen Myers. The trampolinists train with Paul Wileyto, Marie Caron, Joseph Kozlowski, Sarah Arrigo, and Justine Franchina.