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Gilbert & Sullivan's "Yeomen of the Guard"

Operetta performances

The show takes place in medieval times in the Tower of London, guarded by the Yeomen of the Guard, who are retired military men. There are traveling entertainers, a brave Colonel who is unjustly sentenced to be beheaded, a conspiracy to release him and switch his identity with that of a Sergeant’s absent son, a marriage of the blindfolded female entertainer to the Colonel to prevent the accusing cousin from inheriting his fortune, and a search for the “disappeared” prisoner. See what happens next! [Matinees at 2PM on 1/31/15 and 2/01/15 as well]
Date & Time
  • Weekly on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • 01/29/2015 through 01/31/2015
  • 8:00PM - 10:30PM
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