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Understanding and Interpreting Financial Statements

Discover How to Read Balance Sheets, Income Statements, P&L and Cash-Flow Statements, Critical Ratios and Other Essential Financial Measurements, and Precisely Interpret What the Numbers Mean!

To many nonfinancial managers, the world of financial terminology and statements is often unclear ... confusing ... even downright frustrating. But, the truth is, buried within those numbers are often the answers you need to make smart business decisions. That is why we developed this WEBINAR — to give professionals like you an “edge up” by helping you master the meaning behind the financial statements and terminology you’ve been wrestling with. Understanding and Interpreting Financial Statements is a learning that covers all the essentials. Your expert trainer will focus on the PRACTICAL, helping you zone in on the important numbers you should look for and teaching you to ask the questions that’ll give you the real scoop on the situation. You’ll leave this WEBINAR able to make better decisions right away as you learn how to find answers to important questions, such as ... -When should you lease equipment and when should you buy? -How much inventory is too much? too little? -What’s an appropriate return on investment for a product? -Will there be enough cash flow to cover the bills? -At what point would investing more in resources and personnel result in better profits? -How do you evaluate the value of a company based on its financial statements? -What type of depreciation should you plan for on major equipment? -How can you tell whether your department is performing how it should? -Based on the balance sheet, is an organization’s debt too high? -How can you tell whether an organization is asset-rich but cash-poor? -At what point does the variable cost of maintaining a piece of equipment make that “bargain” initial cost not a bargain at all?

Date & Time

June 21, 2017

9:00AM - 10:00AM

More Info

Event Website


$35 per person



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