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The proposed revenues and expenditures in Pennsylvania’s state budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year remain unbalanced—and so is the process that state lawmakers use to develop a spending plan each year.

Uncle Irvin: Loan for current expenses is a cowardly act

'The Governor and General Assembly don't care if they do financially stupid things as long as they can tell their constituents that they didn't raise taxes'

Editorial: Chasing rainbows

'The flowers and the signs near the spot where Bianca Roberson was murdered were many, but life had returned from the raging maelstrom, the way it always does'

Musings on a summer day

A look at a few of the positive things happening locally....

Uncle Irvin: Need money for school taxes?

Current legislature and Governor are 'the very worst in the history of the state,' columnist believes

Editorial: La puerta, abierta

Kennett Consolidated School District's new APEX Program is opening doors of opportunity and knowledge for Hispanic families

Uncle Irvin: Property tax bills are on the way

'Chances are 100 percent that you are being asked to pay too much by bleeding-heart school board members set on excellence – at the expense of reasonable costs'

The leaders of tomorrow

As we report about the accomplishments of today's high school students, we're also getting a hint about what they will achieve as the leaders of tomorrow....

Editorial: The intersection of simplicity and danger

The road between simple faith and the dangers of the modern world runs right between the home and barn owned by Samuel and Sallie Stoltzfus

Uncle Irvin: A promising start

Columnist believes not providing 50 free spaces at new library will kill fundraising efforts
Chester County High School Sports