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Consider the contributions of Chester County's 280 dairy farms

06/06/2013 ● By ACL

During National Dairy Month Farm Bureau hopes to promote the dairy of Chester County.

Time to act on energy security

06/06/2013 ● By ACL

Possible pipeline to be built between America and Canada for oil.

Mayor Henry thanks voters for support

05/30/2013 ● By Brian O

I want to offer my thanks to the Republican voters for your support of my candidacy and the Democratic voters who offered their support through write-in votes on May 21. 2013.

Scudder's Folly

05/30/2013 ● By Brian O

On the evening of May 20, at the Kennett Township Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Scudder G. Stevens read from a prepared statement, and by way of verbal slings and arrows, with one scorched earth, broad cloth indictment, tossed the collective governance of the township under the bus.

Governor Corbett should know better

05/24/2013 ● By Brian O

Earlier this year Gov. Tom Corbett unveiled his state budget proposal for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Unfortunately, his proposal woefully under-funds the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. As former Attorney General

One of our words is in danger

05/24/2013 ● By Brian O

Another of our words is missing, or if not completely gone, is in danger of disappearing. The word is “assailant,” meaning one who carries out an attack or assault on a person.

Seven year itch

05/23/2013 ● By Brian O

It takes a lot of gall for lawmakers to break other people's laws.That's just what's happening in East Marlborough Township. For more than s
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