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When it comes to addressing gun violence, common sense should lead to common ground

Mass shootings now take place somewhere in the U.S. each and every day. What are we going to do about it?

Uncle Irvin: Another kind of occupational hazard

Columnist says that new laws are needed to protect journalists from intimidation

Editorial: When local government is at its best

London Grove Township works with local residents and a transportation engineering firm to seek solutions

Editorial: Our response to the recent murders of our media colleagues

'...We hold steadfastly to the idea that a tragedy of this kind will eventually lead to a dialogue meant to help heal the division between the press and those opposed to it...'

How to help neighbors in need

There are many different organizations in the area that help the most vulnerable in the community

Editorial: On time, about time

Harrisburg lawmakers deserve credit for prompt delivery of state budget, one that places its focus on education

Editorial: The last summer of their youth

Avon Grove High School graduate and commencement speaker delivers poignant message that asks fellow graduates to be open to change as they plan their future

Editorial: Our Guys

'Donald Trump's 11th hour cancellation of a ceremony that was scheduled to take place in the White House Rose Garden last week could have been the kick starter for a national conversation'

Editorial: Our lights are most certainly on

In the wake of national media chains' lack of respect for community journalism, the privately-owned Chester County Press continues to honor that responsibility

Editorial: Invest in a quality mattress: Advice to 2018 graduates

'Make a point of reaching out to people whose beliefs and values differ from your own'
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