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'Hope Never Dies' author makes a tour stop at the Hockessin Book Shelf

07/23/2018 01:41PM ● By Steven Hoffman

The legendary “bromance” between President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden launched one million memes, but if you're missing the dynamic duo in action these days, you might want to pick up a copy of Andrew Shaffer's latest book, “Hope Never Dies.”

The expectation might be that a book about Obama and Biden would be historical or political, but “Hope Never Dies” finds the 44th President and his stalwart sidekick springing into action to solve a mystery.

Shaffer will be making a tour stop at the Hockessin Book Shelf on Tuesday, July 31. He has been promoting the book at nearly two dozen stops across the country during July and August, reminding everyone why Obama and Biden made such a great team.

Rebecca Dowling, the owner of the wonderful independent bookstore in Hockessin, has been telling the customers at the Hockessin Book Shelf that “Hope Never Dies” is “the feel-good read of the summer.”

She explained that the book “has the feel of all those wonderful, campy, offbeat bromance memes in regard to the Obama and Biden relationship. It captures that hopeful vibe that we are all missing so much right now.”

As the “Hope Never Dies” story gets underway, Biden is having a difficult time adjusting to retirement after serving his country for his entire career. Then his friend, Obama, shows up with solemn news that Biden's favorite Amtrak conductor has died in a suspicious accident. Why does Biden even have a “favorite” Amtrak conductor? Because he famously rode Amtrak to commute from Delaware to Washington D.C. when he was serving as a U.S. Senator so that he could spend more time at home with his family. Biden is hit hard by the Amtrak conductor's death. Before long, he and Obama are exploring “the darkest depths of Delaware, traveling from cheap motels to bike bars and beyond” as they look for clues about how and why the Amtrak conductor died. In the process, they uncover some truths about America's growing opioid epidemic. The story is fictional, of course, but the friendship between Obama and Biden is not.

Dowling said that there has been a lot of interest in the RSVP event with Shaffer, and they are nearing capacity. It makes sense that the book would be especially popular in Delaware, where Biden is an iconic figure, and the author is making three stops in the First State.

“We did a pre-order campaign for the book and a book release party on the 'Hope Never Dies' publication date, which was also really well attended,” Dowling explained.

The July 31 event featuring the opportunity to meet Shaffer and buy copies of the book begins at 6:30 p.m. Dowling said that they also will be raffling off a “Hope Never Dies” poster. Every person who purchases the book gets one raffle ticket. Attendees can purchase extra chances to win the raffle for $1, and all of those proceeds will be going to the Beau Biden Foundation.

Dowling said that planning for Shaffer's “Hope Never Dies” book tour stop at the Hockessin Book Shelf has been almost as much fun as reading the humorous mystery novel.

“It's all been great fun and we are really looking forward to hosting Andrew Shaffer at the store for his event,” she said.

Shaffer is the New York Times bestselling author of such works as “How to Survive a Sharknado and other Unnatural Disasters” and “Fifty Shames of Earl Grey.”

Fans of “Hope Never Dies” can rejoice because Shaffer has said during the tour to promote the book that he is already hard at work on the next mystery that will press Obama and Biden into duty.

The Hockessin Book Shelf is located at 7179 Lancaster Pike in Hockessin. For more information about the event, call 302-235-7665 or email

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