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Solicitation restriction discussed by Franklin Township supervisors

06/26/2018 10:32AM ● By J. Chambless

By John Chambless
Staff Writer

The problem of sales people and other solicitations in Franklin Township was addressed by the Board of Supervisors at their June 20 meeting.

The township office has recently received several calls from residents who were disturbed by sales people knocking on their doors later in the evening. Over the years, residents have encountered door-to-door sales people who they said were were rude, and whose sales tactics were questionable. The board has previously discussed passing an ordinance against solicitation, but the township would lack ability to enforce any ordinance of that kind. There is an expense to draft and advertise any ordinance, and four of the supervisors agreed they were not in favor of moving forward with an ordinance, but that they would wait until supervisor Donna Dea, who was not at the June 20 meeting, could also attend. This item will be on next month’s agenda for the board.

The board also discussed whether to restrict the planting and growing of bamboo in the township, and whether to enforce its maintenance within 40 feet of a road or any township property. Bamboo is technically a grass, and solicitor Mark Thompson said that it's not covered by the township's ordinances regarding trees or noxious weeds. The board members feel that a separate ordinance is necessary for bamboo, given its characteristics. Thompson and Township Manager Joan McVaugh will draft a bamboo ordinance for discussion at next month’s meeting.

Planning Commission member Paul Lagasse summarized the commission's June 7 meeting. The commission reviewed the Bowwood subdivision sketch plan, which proposes 23 lots in New London Township, with a small section of six lots in Franklin. Franklin would get no tax revenue from any of the lots. The commission requested that a note be added to the plan that no building be allowed on the Franklin Township portion of the lots, and that no access to Walnut Glen Road be permitted, except through the main entrance.

The issue of adding an additional dwelling unit to properties in the township was discussed with Jeff Vogels, the zoning official at the meeting. It was decided that, for properties less than 3.5 acres, only an attached additional dwelling unit is allowable. For properties of 3.5 acres to less than 10 acres, an attached or detached additional dwelling unit is allowable. For parcels 10 acres and larger, both an attached and detached additional dwelling unit are allowable. An addition will be made to the zoning ordinance that, “A detached additional dwelling unit shall require a Land Development Plan as defined in Section 22-202.” The new ordinance is more restrictive than the current ordinance.

In a report from the zoning officer and building inspector, it was reported that four ongoing zoning issues are being monitored:

308 Heather Hills: The property is being cleaned up.

3300 Appleton Road: The property owner was fined two separate charges and failed to appear in District Court. He has filed an appeal.

3327 Appleton Road: Jeff Vogels and the township solicitor filed the summary citation papers in District Court on May 8. The township was recently informed that the judge recused himself and now the court must find a new judge to take the case before the owner can be served.

1651 New London Road: The property owner is intending to start a paving business and was notified that he must fill out the proper paperwork for a change of use.

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