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Acts of heroism in Avon Grove

01/30/2018 01:23PM ● By Steven Hoffman

There are some true heroes walking the crowded hallways of Avon Grove High School.

Two school nurses and three students helped to save lives during two separate incidents in the last few months.

At the Jan. 25 school board meeting, superintendent Dr. Christopher Marchese recognized the heroics of nurses Colleen Munger and Karen Flad. They acted quickly when a driver who was at the high school to transport one of the school's students experienced a cardiac event while in the main office of the building. Munger and Flad responded to the situation quickly and they were able to keep the person alive until the paramedics arrived.

Marchese explained that he is a big Philadelphia Eagles fan, and at the start of each home game the team recognizes what they refer to as “hometown heroes.” The superintendent said that he was pleased to be able to recognize a few heroes in the Avon Grove community who put their experience and training to very good use.

The superintendent also recognized the recent heroics of three students, Shaun Krushnerock, Josh Prosser, and Long Tran. They were all at the YMCA in Jennersville one day in late November when an elderly gentleman suffered a cardiac event while exercising. The quick-acting students joined an off-duty Pennsylvania State Trooper who performed CPR and together they were able to provide the necessary assistance to the man.

Marchese said that he was speaking on behalf of the school board and the administration when he offered a heartfelt thank you to all five of the heroes.

“We feel very proud of what these students and nurses were able to do for a community member,” Marchese said.