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Editorial: Eco-Site, Inc., the future of telecommunications is already here

09/05/2017 02:02PM ● By Richard Gaw
There are two worlds of telecommunications technology.
In the first world, global advances in wireless technology -- specifically 5G broadband technology, slated to be common by 2020 -- are about to make access to data hundreds of times faster than current wireless technology.
In the first world, Qualcomm is already experimenting with LTE Direct technology that allows smartphones to communicate with other mobile devices for greater distances.
In the first world, the benefits of implementing 5G technology will permeate every part of society and will offer the potential for huge cost savings in several industries across the globe.
In the first world, 5G technology will be expected to generate $3.5 trillion in economic output and will support 22 million jobs globally, as early as 2035.
In the first world, 5G technology will offer huge possibilities in key areas such as energy, transportation and smart cities in general, contributing to better health and public safety.
In the first world, having been rendered obsolete -- and an archaic form of telecommunication -- cell towers will go the way of the dodo bird. 
The second world is the world we live in, here in southern Chester County, and it's where a cell tower company, working with T-Mobile and other telecommunications carriers, is trying to get a cell tower built in Landenberg.
Beginning with its introductory -- and to date, lone -- appearance at a conditional use hearing before the New Garden Township Board of Supervisors in April -- Eco-Site, Inc., a builder of cell towers -- has been campaigning to construct a 125-foot tower on a property on Yeatmans Mill Road, for the purpose of strengthening cell phone capacity in what many locals refer to as a dead zone of communications.  
It's a firecracker of a local topic in Landenberg these days. Indeed, the proposed cell tower has become this year's Artesian Water Resources' proposed activation of the Broad Run Road well, just like the well controversy eventually supplanted a proposed outdoor mall on Gap-Newport Pike that had been introduced by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT) as the conversation of choice there.
As Eco-Sites, Inc. continues to mull over the placement of a cell tower in Landenberg, and while it continues to confront opposition and a seemingly endless number of delays, we encourage the company to consider the facts, that proclaim that while there are technologies that could augment cell towers, some experts in the field suggest there are ways to relay data that could replace towers altogether. Further, there is talk that tower sites will eventually be hosted in outer space.
While we agree with Eco-Site, Inc. and thousands of users throughout the area who believe that telecommunication capacity in Landenberg is woefully under-served and needs a major boost, we encourage Eco-Site, Inc. to consider an alternate means by which to achieve its goals, and plan not just for the immediate future but for generations to come, because when it comes to advancements in telecommunications technology, the future is already here.

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