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Uncle Irvin: Kennett Borough invades privacy

02/21/2017 10:45AM ● By Richard Gaw
Somebody's asleep over at the Kennett Borough Hall. Due to a tip from a resident, Uncle Irvin discovered that he could use the borough's website to find every resident's name, address, and water bill amount.
You just go to the pay bill site and enter a resident's name, last name first, and find out what his address and water bill is. The site calls for entering a premises-consumer ID, which is not enforced, so anyone can get anyone's water bill with their name only. This is a blatant invasion-of-privacy issue, and the borough is completely negligent in protecting the privacy of  residents and businesses. The entire Borough Council, and especially manager Joe Scalise, have obviously not been checking out the integrity of their website.
Uncle Irvin doesn't know if this practice is illegal, but it's sure as hell unethical.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)