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Uncle Irvin: Intersection chokes Jennersville

06/21/2016 02:55PM ● By Richard Gaw
How can Penn Township get a $400,000 grant for a sports park and not a dime for an intersection that is strangling Jennersville?
Bad government, misallocated assets, and PennDOT lethargy are all responsible for the 796/Baltimore Pike intersection that lacks left-hand turning lanes from 796 onto Baltimore Pike. AdPro moved to Penn Township nearly 10 years ago, and the intersection was bad then. Now additional commercial buildings, including Penn Medicine and a mammoth Dansko warehouse, have made the intersection intolerable.
If the Penn Township Supervisors can get $400,000 for a ball park, why can't they shake up our worthless state legislator John Lawrence to threaten PennDOT into action?
Let's get the road fixed before the Red Rose is ready!

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)

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