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Uncle Irvin: Trump Rich

05/24/2016 12:48PM ● By Richard Gaw
No municipality in southern Chester County devotes a significant portion of a scheduled township meeting to report on how wealthy they are, in the way that Presidential candidate Donald Trump talks about how wealthy he is. The exception is Kennett Township, which annually brags about how much cash and assets they have.
While municipalities should have a healthy reserve for contingencies, there is no fiscal reason to accumulate cash in bank accounts yielding one-percent per year.
Kennett Township supervisors seem to love hoarding money like Saudi princes instead of cutting millage. Cutting the millage rate would give residents more money to pay their school taxes, which are rising every day.
Hoarding excess tax revenues is not good government.
By the way, there are municipalities in Chester County, East Nottingham and West Goshen for example, that levy no property taxes at all.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)

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