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Uncle Irvin: Kennett Public Library's priorities are upside down

05/17/2016 01:27PM ● By Richard Gaw
The new Board of Directors of the Kennett Public Library, under new president Tom Swett, has unfortunately decided that pursuing a new name is more important than fundraising.
Hiring a paid consultant to come up with a new name will not get the library a new, larger home with ample free parking! To that end, it was premature to spend money to hire a consultant to come up with a new name.
The Kennett Public Library is exactly what it is: The Kennett Square Public Library. What the library's patrons want to know is where the new library will be located, and how much it will cost, and how many millions in grant money has been pledged. A name change and a statue of Bayard Taylor can come later.
The Kennett area needs a new, larger library with free parking NOW!
Nothing should distract the board from that goal NOW!
Read my lips: NOW!

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)

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