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Taxes remain the same for 2016 in East Marlborough Township

12/01/2015 01:50PM ● By J. Chambless

By John Chambless
Staff Writer

Township manager Jane Laslo has announced the 2016 budget for East Marlborough Township, saying, “Things are very much similar to what we had last year. Property transfer taxes are the same. All others remain the same – the library tax, the open space tax and fire tax. That gives us income and expenses of $2,250,990. So the tax in this budget is the same as it has been, and the taxes will be set in December.”

There was additional funding earmarked for bridge repairs, $40,000, which will be used for fixing three bridges on Poplar Tree Road and Mill Road.

Real estate taxes will remain at 1.05 mills for 2016 (for an estimated income of $716,000), the library tax is 0.183 of a mill ($121,164), the open space tax is 0.2 of a mill ($132,420), and the fire tax is 0.75 of a mill ($511,000).

Details of the budget are posted at the township website ( The board will vote on adoption of the 2016 budget at the Dec. 7 Board of Supervisors meeting.

The breakdown of general fund income for the township is:

Real estate taxes $716,000

Liened taxes $20,000

Light taxes $4,000

Transfer tax $225,000

Application fees $7,000

Fines $12,000

Police income $40,000

Cell leases $185,000

Utility tax $1,900

Building permits $80,000

Zoning Permits $ 12,000

Cable TV $185,000

Reimbursed sewer expenses $140,000

Pension/state aid $30,000

Reimburse Engineer and legal $67,500

Snow agreement $16,290

Hydrant reimbursement $50,000

Local service tax $180,000

Rental Income from post office $28,800

Interest $500

Balance from previous year $250,000.

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