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In East Nottingham, vote “yes” on referendum to stabilize taxes, protect farmland

10/27/2015 05:18PM ● By Steven Hoffman

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing to you today to discuss the East Nottingham open space referendum and the looming possibility of uncontrollable development in our area. As an East Nottingham Planning Commission member, I see all of the plans for new developments as they come into the township, and there are quite a few. We already have 506 houses scheduled to be built in East Nottingham, even with the open space program in place. However, we also have over 2,000 acres of land in parcels of larger than 20 acres that can still be preserved, and much more land in smaller parcels. That is a lot of land that could turn into housing developments that will cost the residents money if we don't have a program in place to preserve these open spaces.

I fear that the loss of a program like our Open Space program will spark uncontrollable development in our area. This increase in development will not only affect our local infrastructure and services to residents, it will also be reflected by an equivalent increase in our taxes. And, this tax increase will not just affect East Nottingham residents, it will spread school district-wide and those that will be affected most severely will be our older, retired residents living on a limited income.

Please join me in voting “YES” on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Let's make sure that we stabilize our taxes and protect our open spaces from”crazy quilt” development.

Walt Leis

East Nottingham

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