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Youth summer programs at Chester County parks

04/29/2015 10:43AM ● By J. Chambless

Hibernia Mansion is the historic centerpiece of Hibernia Park.

Youth-focused, multi-day programs will be available this summer at Nottingham and Hibernia County Parks and Springton Manor Farm.
Young people can enjoy one, six or all 11 free sessions of Nottingham County Park’s Summer Discovery Series for ages 9 to 13. Parents are invited to stay for all programs, which are held from 6 to 8 p.m. The Aug. 22 program will run 7 to 9 p.m.
May 19: Where the Wild Things Grow -- Bring your gardening gloves and dig in. Learn to grow a garden full of plants to benefit all kinds of animals, from butterflies to birds and more. Help plant the park’s butterfly garden, and take home some seeds to start your own.
May 28: Camp Cooking -- Learn how to safely prepare a snack on an open fire. Peaches or apples will be roasted to sample at the end of the program.
June 10: CSI: Birds -- Take a peek into the world of birds from a different angle. With a trained wildlife rehabilitator, use your detective skills to examine dead birds and determine what injuries they have and how they happened. Did the bird die of natural causes or maybe something darker? Protective equipment provided. 
June 23: Outdoor Games -- Come for an evening of games, some dating back to the time of the Civil War. Learn to play Crows and Cranes, Making the Mash, Capture the Flag and more.
July 8: Search & Rescue -- Meet the dogs (and people!) of Mason Dixon Rescue Dogs. How do these amazing dogs use their noses to find people? Learn how to be safe in the park and what to do if you become lost. Practice your hiding skills while the dogs search for you.
July 18: Beaver Builders –  Did you know beavers have bright orange teeth? Or that not all beavers build dams? Hopefully we catch a sneak peek of this aquatic creature as we learn all about their secret underwater lives.
July 23: Archery -- The Atglen Sportsmen’s Club will instruct on how to safely shoot a bow and arrow at a target. Each participant will shoot three arrows and have additional turns as time permits. 
July 28: Photography Basics -- Using your own point and shoot camera, learn how to take the best photo possible. We’ll cover lighting, subject and composition before heading out into the park to test your new skills. 
Aug. 5: Ice Cream on the Move -- See some of the park as we get moving and shaking to turn milk into ice cream. Then relax in the shade and enjoy your frozen treat.
Aug. 13: Outdoor Survival -- When lost, keep calm and rely on your training. Learn methods to avoid getting lost and what to do if you become lost. Build confidence in your outdoor skills. 
Aug. 22: Night in the Park --  The woods change at dusk. Some animals will become active, while others will rest. Hike into the deep woods to learn about the night sky; identify the sights, sounds and creatures, and use your night vision and other senses to look for light and travel without a flashlight. 

Three new adventure camps will be featured at Hibernia and Springton Manor Farm. Each camp will include daily hands-on activities, discussions and team building skills.

Wilderness Survival – June 22 to 26
Park: Hibernia County Park, Wagontown
Ages: 10 – 14
Times: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
Cost: $225
Have what it takes to be an outdoor survivor? Welcome to the world of wilderness survival using ancient skills and modern tools. Campers are challenged to build natural shelters and introduced to outdoor navigation and signaling. Learn how to pack for adventures and practice the secrets of invisibility and stealth. Skills are woven into each day through storytelling, discussions and team challenges. Participants must provide their own lunch.

Spy Training – July 20 to 24
Park: Springton Manor Farm, Glenmoore
Ages: 7 – 11
Times: 9 a.m. to noon
Cost: $115
Are you the world’s next Super Spy? After assuming your new secret identity and being debriefed, your spy training begins. Become an expert in the art of disguise, code-breaking, surveillance, stealth and leaving no trace. With the other cadets, solve high-level crimes, navigate challenging obstacle courses, and try to discover the double-agent.

Nature Superheroes – Aug. 3 to 7
Park: Springton Manor Farm, Glenmoore
Ages: 6 – 10
Times: 9 a.m. to noon
Cost: $115
Become a superhero of epic proportions! Design your own superhero character, complete with an origin story, secret identity and super powers. Explore superhero qualities through themed crafts, puzzles and outdoor games. Supercharge your powers through obstacle courses. Learn from the heroes of comic books, action movies, and everyday heroes within our community. 

Registration is required for all programs. For more information: Nottingham County Park – 610-932-2589; Springton Manor Farm – 610-942-2450; Hibernia County Park – 610-383-3812.

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