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Uncle Irvin: A second state police cover-up?

04/28/2015 03:26PM ● By Richard Gaw

Details of Kennett Township Police Chief Albert McCarthy's second ramming of another motor vehicle that occurred on April 13 are slowly -- very slowly -- starting to come out.

So far, the State Police from the Avondale barracks who investigated the incident saw fit to discharge McCarthy free and clear, with no citation, just like in the first incident two years ago. We know that in the first incident, police did not facilitate an immediate medical opinion of McCarthy's state of mind. In the second incident, the State Police were told by McCarthy at the scene that the crash was caused by a seizure related to a previous brain injury. Records indicate that the state trooper did not insist or request an immediate medical opinion.

In both instances, regardless of the cause, McCarthy rammed a vehicle in front of him and no citation was ever issued. So far, no citation has been issued for the second incident.

There is no question that the State Police, in both instances, granted Chief McCarthy special treatment that would not be extended to me or you.

It could be argued that the second incident would have never happened if the State Police issued citations, because McCarthy would never have been permitted to drive a police vehicle again.

Special treatment given to police officers by other police officers is unfortunately not unusual. That doesn't make it right, nor should it be permitted. But it is happening right in front of our eyes.

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