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Interesting Jobs Featuring Local People: Katelyn Milley, Personal Stylist

02/13/2015 01:43AM ● By Kevin
In 1988, America re-entered space. Katelyn Milley was also born. Who is Katelyn Milley? A passionate, lively, dedicated and determined twenty something living her dream.

Seeking inspiration in the simple and complex aspects of daily life you will always find her searching for beauty, styling concepts and additions to her overflowing closet.

When she’s not styling, you will most likely find Katelyn singing along to music, reading a fantasy novel or watching America’s Next Top Model. Inspiration may strike at any moment and an outfit idea may be born or a dress may be designed.

Katelyn currently resides in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, putting her best heels forward and using her eye for details and passion for creating personalized, beautiful looks for each of her clients.

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Milley took some time to chat with the Chester County PRESS about her career path.

Chester County PRESS: How long have you been doing this? When did you get started as an entrepreneur?
Katelyn Milley: I launched my personal styling business in May of 2013, so I have been professionally styling for almost two years now. Before then, I styled friends and family members and a few bands on the side. I have been an entrepreneur since the age of thirteen, when I started a pet sitting business called Katelyn’s Canine Care. 

CCP: What led you to choose this path? Why are you passionate about what you do?
Milley: I wanted to be a stylist since the age of twelve. The first time I found out that a career existed where one person could put together outfits and help create a style for another person, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. I’m in love with all things fashion, beauty, and shopping, and I’m passionate about helping people feel great about the way they look. Being a stylist is the perfect marriage of my interests.

CCP: What areas of Chester County do you serve? How special/important is the area for you personally and to your business?
Milley: I serve all of Chester County, and the surrounding area, with my main focus being on the Philadelphia Main Line. Most of my services are unique in that I bring the styling experience directly to my client in their home. I was born and raised in Chester County. It’s home. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

CCP: What's the most interesting part of your job?
Milley: Each client I work with is an individual with their own personality, sense of style, and needs. I really enjoy the challenge of working with different people all the time.

CCP: What tips do you have for people who want to get started in your profession or are just starting out?
Milley: First of all, I would say to study the various types of styling careers (fashion stylist, wardrobe stylist and personal stylist) and select the one that is right for you. Then, if at all possible, educate yourself by taking classes on styling from a university or an independent school. I recommend School Of Style and Body Beautiful. Lastly, a great way to get a leg up in the industry is to intern for other stylists or work in high end retail. Develop a genuine relationship with the people you assist. Be kind, be creative, and work hard.

CCP: Can you share any good stories/experiences from your work?
Milley: There are so many! Several clients have been moved to tears during the Fashion Consultation, because it’s not only a learning experience about fashion, but who they truly are. I am always thrilled when I see a client’s eyes light up when they really connect with information I share. So many times I come out of a meeting with a client, and I get in my car and just feel so amazed and blessed that this is what I get to do for a living. I am living my dream and I absolutely love it.

CCP: Where do you see the business in 5 years?
Milley: I see my business growing by leaps and bounds and really reaching its full potential. A dream of mine is to have a styling salon for the clients that prefer to meet outside of their home. I would love to have my salon within five years time.

CCP: Tell us a bit more about Katelyn Milley, the person!
The story begins when I was twelve years old, looking at the liner notes of a CD. While reading through the band’s credits, I discovered they not only had a hairstylist and make-up artist, but a wardrobe stylist that put together the fantastic outfits the band was wearing. I knew right away that was exactly what I wanted to do.

Fast forward five years, and I was beginning my career in fashion working at a young men and women’s retail store, primarily assisting customers in the fitting room. Just over a year later, I launched my own online junior’s clothing company, Blue Marilyn. I managed nearly every facet of the clothing company, even having a hand in the logo and website design, but my favorite part of the job was choosing which pieces of clothing to stock and styling the outfits for the photoshoots. The clothing business ran for the following five years until Blue Marilyn was permanently closed down.

While Blue Marilyn was still running, I pursued my dream of becoming a stylist. I was determined to give myself the best possible foundation for a successful career, so I took classes in anything that could further my knowledge about fashion and styling, including a fashion illustration class and photography classes. For two consecutive years, I was one of only five hundred people selected to take part in Teen Vogue Fashion University, where I attended classes and lectures in Fashion Design, Make-Up, Visual Merchandising, Costume Design, Fashion Blogging and Social Networking. Shortly after, I was thrilled to take classes with the School Of Style, receiving an education specifically in fashion, wardrobe and personal styling. I then decided to further my personal styling education by studying with Body Beautiful, where I became a certified level one consultant.

Today, I am living my dream! Everyday I get to use my eye for details and passion for creating personalized, beautiful looks for each of my clients.

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